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Everyone needs their vision, which is why it’s important that you find the resources that are right for you. There’s also a huge level of trust involved. After all, you only get one set of eyes! Finding a competent optometrist, ophthalmologist, or optician will help you develop a trusting relationship for the longevity of your vision and maintain healthy sight for the rest of your life.

Before heading straight to the vision clinic, we need to understand what is exactly the doctor can do for you. Let’s check out the difference in the “Big 3 O’s” in eye care below.

Understanding Optometry

Optometrists evaluate your eyes for vision, health, and refraction. They must have received a Doctorate degree in Optometry. It is expected that all optometrists complete a four-year undergraduate degree, and accomplish another four years of education at a post-graduate school. If you are concerned about the experience of your provider, know that they are also required to pursue continued education in their practice. They typically fix refractive issues, prescribe glasses, and contact lenses. Optometrists can also:

  • Write prescriptions for eye care medication and eye diseases
  • Legally conduct vision therapy
  • Assist you with pre and post care after outpatient or inpatient surgeries

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