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The first, and arguably most important fact to take into consideration, is what your employer provides for you and your family in terms of health insurance. Dependent of what level of coverage you have, there will be out-of-pocket expenses to think about and finding an authorized professional in your area.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution, simply call or check your potential provider’s website (the doctor’s will have their information provided).

If you do choose to call or email your future provider’s office, ensure you ask how their insurance claim process works. Will you have to submit claims yourself, or will the doctor’s office take care of it for you?

When insurance is not available to you, or does not cover the provider you want, patients should investigate the provider’s typical rate and fees for things such as regular examinations or prescription costs.

Last, other things to consider before committing to a new vision care specialist:

  • What will your provider do if he cannot treat your issue? Are there other doctors in their network for a referral?
  • The provider’s specialty and area of focus
  • The doctor’s reputation. How did you find out about him/her? What would your friends or family say about them?

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