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Buying cheap sunglasses when you don’t have a prescription seems like a pretty sweet deal. You have options and can have multiple pairs at once. In places where protecting your eyes from the sun is a matter of necessity, having something is better than nothing.
Why shell out a couple hundred bucks for one pair when you could just as easily get eight or ten pairs and have a variety? Well, how long do those last? For ten dollars, what is the drive for the manufacturers to make a super sturdy pair of sunglasses? If screws are falling out, lenses loosening, or the materials are stretching then you will become a repeat customer. That’s not to say that you can’t buy a cheap pair that never seems to lose its structural integrity, it’s just not as likely.
Sunglasses are essential for eye health whether you live in a location where it feels that way or not. Assuming you live in an area where the sun is constantly beating down, they are vital. In truth, sunglasses should be treated as a necessity and less as a fashion accessory, though it’s really fun when they are both.

Imagine that you’ve spent, let’s say eighty dollars to buy several pairs of cheapos and all of them break but the one. You are on your last pair which seems strong. You get in your car to go for an hour drive, mid-day, and the sun is beating down on the road and windshield. Glare is coming off of the road, other cars, and any bit of metal on your dash. You put on your trusty pair of cheapos and the lens falls out. You try to put it back in, but then the frame breaks. You have to drive like this. No fun and bad for your eyes (possibly your head).
You get where you are going uncomfortable and light sensitive. Looking around you see an eyeglasses boutique and they are expensive. This is not something that you just want, you need them. As you see the final sale amount, perhaps you get a bit antsy, but you make the purchase anyway. You leave the store and walk outside and realize what you paid for.
The polarized lenses block more glare. You aren’t squinting. Time will tell about the rest, but at this moment, you realize that you chose wisely. Over time you find that you have not had to fiddle with the screws, they fit as well as when they were new, and you have a more comfortable outdoor experience.

That is the reality. You get what you pay for and when it comes to anything health related, you shouldn’t be afraid to spring for the good stuff. You may spend twice as much on the glasses in the first place, but they won’t need constant maintenance and replacement. Also, most name brands offer warranties so if you do end up with a pair with a loose screw or something they will likely fix it. You only get one set of eyes. Protect them.

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