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Contacts or glasses can be a tough choice for some. While there are diehard fans of one or the other, some find a middle by using both. This article explores the many reasons for which contacts are amazing, in case you are going back and forth with yourself.

Think about why you haven’t tried them. Do you think they are dangerous to your eye health? Are you afraid of inserting them? With good hygiene, the chances of infection are small. Being careful with them can avoid little scratches on the contact which can irritate your eyes.

A quick note on the fear of inserting them: lenses sit on top of your eye. You may never even have to touch your actual eye if done properly. There are videos that show you how to insert and remove them as well as a tutorial when you get your trial pair.

Six things that make contacts awesome

They move with you

Contacts are the best choice if you are on the move constantly. Glasses can slide up or down, they can even fall off if you get jolted. Contacts move with your eye and they rarely fall out on their own. If you rub your eyes really hard, it’s a possibility but even if you lose that contact, you aren’t out an entire pair of glasses. You also don’t have to worry about whether your contacts are compatible with sports safety gear. 

You can see clearly now

You will have a clearer and crisper view of the world because contacts sit on the curvature of your eye. Eyeglasses somewhat restrict your field of vision even if they are rimless. The prescription ends at the lens and the lens only goes so far.

With contacts, you have access to clear images everywhere. Contacts won’t fog up or distort your vision if drops of water get on them in the rain. You won’t scratch the lens and have to buy a new pair of glasses either.


With contacts, your eyes can be as versatile as your hair color! There is a world of possibility available with colored lenses. If you have always dreamed of being called “Blue Eyes” but you have brown eyes, now that dream can be yours.

Strut your stuff without all of the stuff

Glasses are an amazing fashion accessory, but what about that smokey eye you’ve been perfecting?  You don’t have to waste all of that effort when you use contacts. No frames to hide those peepers.

For those who get glasses to protect from UV rays, you have a much greater assortment of sunglasses when you aren’t spending the money on prescription lenses. Also, the coating to prevent glare caused by your glasses increases how much you pay for your all-day pair as well. The set price is just another financial benefit to contacts. 

Full spectrum solution

Contacts are available for eye conditions ranging from astigmatism to presbyopia. There are daily contacts in case you have issues with dry eyes as well. There are even multifocal contacts. 


With contacts, there’s nothing to get in the way of life’s moments. You can cuddle on the couch without an awkward crick in your neck from not wanting to bend your glasses. You can watch T.V. lying down, get down and wrestle with the dogs, or just walk out the door with a pair of sunglasses without having to switch to your regular glasses when you get there. Life is simpler when you don’t have to find a place to put your glasses where they won’t get broken.

The Takeaway

If you have now been suitably swayed towards contacts, talk to your optician. Get a trial pair and see if you like them. If you do, you can order them and go on with your simplified existence. If you don’t, talk to your eye doctor about why. There may be a different type that suits you and your lifestyle better. Always try before you buy.

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