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Back on April 22nd, the AOA urged many patients who need emergency eye treatment are to be in immediate contact with their optometrist within their local area before any emergency seeking in hospitals. This allows easing the potential burden that many in the health department can have as well as prevent further spread of COVID-19.

The Considerations For Eye Emergencies

For many eye-related conditions, there is plenty of treatment options in an optometry clinic or office. These types of emergencies include much urgent advice and possible intervention of eye injuries and treatment that involve an object being in the eyes, chemical burns, sudden vision change, contact lenses, etc., that often affect the daily routine of a person. 

Prioritizing Eye Care & Safety During COVID-19

Because of this COVID-19 outbreak, there have been many who have gone beyond and above to provide emergency eye care when it is needed for patients seeking them. Of course, they should ask for any advice and guidance from their eye doctors before going through hospital treatment. This can be through the phone or having a quick eye exam consultation with your eye doctor. 

This method ensures the possibility of providing proper treatment to patients while having hospitals continue with their one going fight against the spread of COVID-19. In fact, there has been research that suggests that by going to an eye doctor for emergency eye care can help patients avoid the possibility of having to enter an emergency room every year.

Though many optometrists are closed for their routine appointments, many have continued to provide the emergency care needed. That way it can help to ensure patient safety and help with anyone who has the possibility of needing emergency eye treatment and care, whether it is for both new or returning patients.

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