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Smartphones/ Tablets: 

Much like laptops, many phones and tablets have a high-quality camera placed on them. This allows for better picture quality when needed as well as videos in case doctors need to diagnose.

Diagnosing Through A Virtual Platform

Optometrists involved in tele-optometry will diagnose the issue with the help of the images, videos, and information provided by the patient. If at any given moment the ey doctor wants to request emergency care, the patient will feel confident in that belief as they are receiving the care and treatment done by a professional and licensed eye doctor. 

Insurance Coverage Of Virtual Eye Assessments

For many cases, insurance plans do provide coverage for these types of visits, but it is best to simply ask your insurance provider if they do have coverage for these things. 

If by any given moment you are feeling that you have certain eye issues and concerns, then it is also advisable to consult with your optometrist to see what the best solutions can be moving forward.

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