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Is there a struggle when it comes to getting your kids to wear their glasses? Do you know why? Knowing why is a good place to start. If glasses feel funny on their face, that’s one fix. If they think they are going to get teased, that is an entirely different issue. Looking back you may remember the nicknames people with glasses received in school. Does “four eyes” sound familiar?

Getting kids excited to wear glasses is no small feat. It may be best to start by getting them accustomed to wearing them gradually. Whatever works for you is best. These ideas may help get you started.

Ensure a good fit

Children do not like sitting still. If they have a pair of glasses that are constantly falling off, those glasses are either going to break or be set aside. Also, a growth spurt definitely means sizing clothes or shoes up, but did you know glasses may need to be adjusted as well? Tight frames cause discomfort and even headaches which could lead to not wanting to wear them.

Give them the chance to find their style

You have a sense of style all your own, and so will your child. A lack of confidence can be a reason your child won’t wear them. Give them confidence by letting them choose. You may not get thrilled over neon yellow frames, but it could be the boost your child needs to put the glasses on, willingly, every day.

Glasses have an age range too

Let’s face it, Kids glasses these days are the coolest. They have fun colors and styles that look like fondant. You may have an older kid who is drawn to a neon pink frame, but size alone prohibits it. Plus, there are the cool points they will lose from wearing “glasses for a baby”. Pink still exists in frames for big kids too though. On the same note, toddlers can’t wear a pair of glasses meant for an older child due to size.

Don’t rush things

Whether your child doesn’t want or forgets to wear them, you may have to ease them into this. Figure out the best time to get them to put their glasses on and increase the amount of time they spend wearing them. Knowing what they need them for is super useful. If they can’t watch T.V. without them, that’s your window. The same thing goes for reading or playing a game. Work up to the full day.

It may not take as long as you think if you nudge them about how much better they feel after watching a movie with them on. During the school year, you can have your teacher keep an eye out. You still have to be a stickler when they get home.

Stack the deck in your favor

It may be helpful to think of characters from movies or books that wear glasses. Just remember, Superman took his glasses off to be super, and don’t think that a child is going to miss that loophole. Friends and family making a big fuss about how awesome little one looks in their new specs can be super effective. Positive reinforcement and confidence all the way to a life without eye strain.

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