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The results were something that for this case, in particular, was intriguing.

About 62% of the eyes examined in this case study had achieved a UDVA of 20/40 or even better once they left the surgery on Day 0 (meaning as soon as they finished their surgery) that were monocular. However, there were also about 82% of eyes that were examined with a UDVA of 20/32 that were binocular in Day 0 as well. During the 3 month period for a few others, that received the same eye surgical procedure, There was about 94% of eyes with UDVA of 20/25 that were monocular from the 3-month time period. Lastly, the ones that received the procedure and then were examined the day after (Day 1), the results were seen as just about the same. The UDVA was a rough average of 20/41 or better the next day. 

With the data presented, the case study proved that the SmartSurf procedure is a success and can reduce the UDVA by a reasonable margin, especially within a one day to 3 month range period of time.

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