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Due to investigations of the visual effects of optical surgery such as the common LASIK (or commonly known as Laser Eye Surgery), there have been also an investigation in the field of immediate and short term visual recovery effects of the SmartSurf eye procedures. During this investigation, there has been a case study of over 2093 eyes that had to have or don’t have astigmatism in order to see these effects play out.

What SmartSurf is about, it a set combination of two eye surgery procedures: 

Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK for short)

Smart Pulse Technology (SPT for short).


During this period of investigation, there were a few factors in place in order to see its effects. One of these factors was the amount of time after the procedure was done to see its effects play out. These times stamps were immediate (Day 0), a day after the procedure, and lastly, about 3 months afterward. In terms of calculation and data analysis, there was also a set average of those before the surgery was performed, ranging from prescriptions such as -4.65±2.53D to a range of about −16.13D to −0.13D. Of course, in both of these cases of post and pre-operations, eye examinations were still performed, evaluating the following:

CDVA: Corrected Distance Visual Acuity

UDVA: Uncorrected Distance Visual Acuity

These two analyses were also performed during the period of time that the case study was given for its procedures and recovery process. There is also going to be examinations of monocular and binocular of the eyes as well.

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