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Maintaining a Safe Visual Distance

The more you look closely at a screen or object, the more work your eyes put in terms of seeing said object or screen. In order to avoid this strain, it is best to keep your screen at least arm’s length, or at about 25 inches away from your eyes.

Make Sure To Have Proper Lighting

Having lighting that is similar to the light that shines off form your screen is important as well. It helps to provide contrast and prevent the eyes from being strained, such as when one looks at a screen during the dark. In those cases, it is easier to put your phone away or have some light in the room.

Screen Break Times

These break times are best suited for moments to spend with family and friends, preferably during meal times. Thes breaks are recommended to be at least by a few hours throughout the day and it helps for one to act in hobbies that don’t necessarily need a screen. These hobbies include reading, puzzles, and cooking.

No Devices Before Going To Bed

There have been many studies that show how blue light can affect a person’s circadian rhythm, and stopping one’s screen time at least two hours before going to bed can help with ensuring a balanced rhythm and better sleep. If you do want to use the screen, then make sure it has a night shift setting so that the blue light doesn’t affect your eyes at night.

In the end, it is all about establishing a balance during these hard times, especially with both family and friends. It all depends on the person of course, but as long as you can maintain these habits, then you can ensure the best safety for your eyes and vision.

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