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Our website offers tint options to match your style and taste. Add your tint after selecting the prescription box, then entering your prescription information. Want to know what tint options are available and what makes each one special? Read on to find out.

Solid Tint

Gives a uniform color across the surface of the lens, an effect similar to sunglasses. Adds style to your frames while protecting your eyes.

Polarized Tint

Reduces glare when compared to standard or tinted lenses. Making it easier to see in direct sunlight and while driving at night. it also reduces eye fatigue when viewing digital screens for long periods. The perfect option for all-day eye comfort.

Mirror Tint

We apply an ultra-reflective coating to the front of the lens. Onlookers can’t see your eyes, only a reflection of their image and the surroundings. Giving you that edgy, mysterious look.

Gradient Tint

This is like the Solid Tint in that it covers the entire lens surface, but not in a uniform way. It blends from one shade to the next. The color is darkest at the top of the lens and fades as it goes down.

Go ahead and select the tint that suits your style and needs. All our tints are of the highest quality, your satisfaction is our top priority.

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