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4) There are many methods introduced that are to decrease the patient’s ability to touch in terms of surfaces. This included leaving the front door open or replacing it with one that opens via motion detection. For payment issues, there is the facilitation of using cashless payments and many clinics even require patients to fill out online forms for registration purposes.

5) For patients that are not feeling well or have potentially have been in contact with people who have been ill or have potential chances with COVID-19, it is best to reschedule their appointments within a two to three-week time frame.

6) It will be common for someone to measure one’s temperature before entering the clinic, and this includes both staff and patients. Although it is not as reliable as it should at times as there can be those who are asymptomatic, it does help to identify people who are indeed not feeling well. Those who have 100 degrees or more are to be sent home.

7) In-between time for appointments will increase, allowing staff to clean and disinfect the location before and after a patient’s visit in the clinic. 

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