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Due to COVID-19’s fast spread across the country, it has brought many optical practices to make rapid decision making when it comes to overall clinical management. For many, it has sadly shut down their business while for others, it helps for them to begin emergency appointments for services and even added the benefit of telehealth services as well.

Because of these mandatory restrictions now beginning to be lifted in several locations throughout the country, many optometrists are now opening their doors again for their regular clinical practices. However, this time around, there are many strict implementations in their practices such as social distancing that have taken much more precaution in order to prevent further spread of COVID.

Expected Changes In Clinical Practices

1) There are more regulations and steps required when it comes to signage in the office due to ensure the best and most optimal safety for both staff and patients. 

2) Social distancing is to be the new norm as there will no longer be waiting rooms filled with people much like in the past. What will now happen is that clients will be spaced out in terms of seating arrangements in order to reduce capacity and are scheduled to take longer intervals in order to minimize interactions between patients. Many clinics even request patients to sit in their cats and wait until they are called or sent a message to come inside. 

3) There will be certain practices that will have many individuals schedule several appointments to see and test the frames presented at the stores. These appointments range from 15 to 20 minutes and are accessed by one person at a time.

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