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Year-Old to Toddler—Keep Building

There’s a lot of change and growth that starts happening at this age.  That means that your baby’s visual skills will often progress concurrently with their other developing skills and systems.  They’ll start to name items as they acquire vocabulary and visual recognition. And of course, when they begin walking, rolling, chasing and throwing balls, they’ll further advance upon the hand-eye coordination they’ve built since crawling.  

How can you help all these new, exciting progressions?  Some great ideas for their second birthday are wooden blocks, crayons, colored pencils, paper, and other similar items.  Your toddler will soon be spending hours exercising their artistic, architectural, and engineering curiosities!

Scheduling Baby’s First Eye Appointment

A big part of keeping your baby’s development of visual skills on track is ensuring overall eye health.  Plan your baby’s first eye exam when they’re 6 months of age so that any eye health or vision problems can be caught long before your baby develops language to communicate with you about them. 

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