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Match your makeup against your frames

Balancing your makeup with your frame shape and style is often an art of pairing opposites.  Thick frames, especially with dark colors, look excellent with subtle, natural makeup looks. On the other hand, if your glasses are rimless or of lighter hues and narrow rims, it’s much easier to pull off bolder makeup, including the smokey eye.

Also consider your frame size–oversized lenses allow more of your eyes to be visible, which means greater freedom to wear different eye makeup styles, while smaller lenses expose more of the browline to use in the canvas of creating your look.  

How to balance your prescription with makeup

Sometimes your prescription can either magnify or shrink the size of your eyes as they appear to others.  If this is the case, don’t worry–using makeup the right way can go a long way toward offsetting the illusion.  

If your eyes appear magnified by your glasses, stick to either liquid or matte eyeshadows and refrain from powder and glitter, which can add to the zoomed-in effect of your prescription.  On the other hand, if donning your glasses makes your eyes appear too small, feel free to use the glitter and bright colors. Use mascara to lengthen the lashes but avoid dark shades and matte eyeshadows and eyeliners.

If you try these hacks, but still can’t quite create the look you’re aiming for, perhaps try a new pair of glasses that work for your style and the look you want to wear.

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