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There are virtually as many uses and looks you can achieve with makeup as there are cosmetic products on the market.  Whether you prefer to go big on the glamour, or subtly accentuate your natural features, wearing glasses can change the look entirely.  So how do you create your desired makeup look and make it look great with your glasses? Read on.

Makeup that works well with your glasses

Regardless of whether you tend toward natural, minimalist looks or smokey eyes and bold, colorful looks, it’s entirely possible to make your style work well with your glasses.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Before you give up on wearing mascara and your glasses simultaneously, try these two things to avoid inky smears on your lenses.  Concentrate mascara application at the eyelash roots instead of at the tips, which scrape against the lenses when you blink. If you still want the long-lash look, try curling them upward.
  • Use concealer to offset any dark shadows under your eyes from your glasses frames.
  • Try applying a tiny spot of primer on both sides of the bridge of your nose, where your glasses sit, to prevent them from sliding out of place.
  • If your glasses frames are thick or dark-colored, try wearing a bold or bright-colored lipstick to create vertical balance for your visage.
  • As for eyeshadow, stick with neutral, brighter colors to highlight your eyes without going overboard.  Oftentimes, using rich, deep colors can clash with your frames, so it’s best to steer clear of these.

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