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When a person mentions the word keratoconus, it’s usually for the bad. What keratoconus is a type of medical condition that makes the cornea of the ye become very thin and stretchy, transforming it into a cone-like shape. The average age for this to happen is normally around a person’s later teenage years until he reaches his young adult stage of life.

During the early phase of the keratoconus condition, it’ll affect somewhat the vision of a person. However, as it progresses without being treated, it increases the loss of vision to a person. This vision loss is sometimes if not, most of the time accompanied with sensitivity to light and in many ways, discomfort when seeing objects.

There isn’t a specific cause as to why keratoconus occurs in the eyes of a person, especially around that age range. Despite that, there is the possibility of it being from a more genetic background, as well as more environmental factors that lead a person to rub their eyes excessively. Keratoconus also affects both eyes, but each eye may differ in terms of the progress.

Treatment Options

Eyeglasses and other means of eye protection help to prevent keratoconus from continuing to harm a person’s eyes. Contact lenses help in this manner as well. However, if these simple prevention/treatment options don’t provide the benefits that are needed for the eyes, then there are other more high-end ways to treat the keratoconus. Some of these options include eye surgery such as corneal transplants. There are also Intacs and crosslinking which are explained more thoroughly.


This type of eye surgery helps to improve a person’s vision and avoid the more corneal surgical procedure. They lean more towards correcting both nearsightedness and also the astigmatism of a person’s eyes who have keratoconus. Once the surgery is done, there won’t be any need for eyeglasses.

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