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Excessive Lighting

Overhead projectors such as computer monitors, phone screens, and other monitors that require having a bright light can lead the eyes to strain. The more you’re on the screen is also a factor, and the more the brightness the screen can also strain your eyes.

The best solution is simply dim the brightness slightly so the blazing LED lights don’t hurt your eyes.

2. Old Prescription Glasses

When you’re wearing old prescription glasses, you’re unfortunately bound for more eye straining and even losing more of your vision than you already lost. Make sure to keep in contact with your eye doctor and check your eyes whenever you can to ensure you’re protecting your vision and your eyes.

3. Sitting in Proximity

Sitting too close to a screen also causes eye strain, but it can also cause other detrimental factors. Those other factors include blurred vision and eye fatigue, and those aren’t a good sign for your eyes.

The best solution is to lay back a little and don’t abuse your screen time.

4. Old Monitors

Old monitors can cause your vision to work overtime and that can lead to the factors as mentioned above. It is best upgrade the monitor to a more high resolution monitor so the eyes can relax a little and ensure they are not working that overtime.

5. Mouse Close To Hand Please

Having the mouse farther to your screen is the worst thing you can do for your eyes. The father the mouse means the closer you need to be to the screen, and you can affect your eyes in a major way because you were “comfortable” having the mouse be as far as your hand can reach it.  Make sure to have it close to you so you don’t have to move towards the screen.

6. Comfort Chairs

Making sure you sit in a good and comfortable chair, you won’t be able to strain your eyes as you won’t be squirming around excessively and be close to the screen due to that uncomfortability. Simple put, the comfortable the chair, the higher chances of helping your eyesight.

7. Turtling

Make sure to avoid the turtling method when you’re sitting down on a chair. What turtling is, it’s basically having your back rounded, your face forward and up and personal to the screen that’s sitting in front of you. That is trutling, and make sure to avoid it at all costs by getting a nice chair, and become as far from the screen as possible.

Other Quick Tips

Always make sure to check upon your eyes as frequent as possible. Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor whenever you can and make sure to keep a well and balanced diet that promotes eye health. When facing the screen itself, also make sure to avoid computer stare, or not blinking when the screen if in front of you. Make sure to blink as much as possible to keep them hydrated and avoid that eye strain.

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