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Corneal Crosslinking

Cross-linking is a type of procedure in which it strengthens the cornea of the eye after the effects of keratoconus take place in a person’s eyes. The way the procedure works is by applying a type of riboflavin that is liquified into the eye’s surface. The substance will then get to work and remove any corneal ectasia when exposed to ultraviolet lighting. It can also be combined with the Intacs procedures for more vision lasting results.

To the type of patients that aren’t that compatible with contact lenses, Intacs offer a far more relieving and less complicated option to treat the eyes. In fact, many physicians would recommend that method and even delay using the corneal transplant method. They believe that with Intacs alone, they can help benefit eyesight and delaying the transplants as a whole.

The purpose of Intacs are to achieve a better and improve vision for the keratoconus patient, even meaning that they don’t need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. With Intacs, it’s much easier and less stressful to do, as many who have done this procedure rarely have any complications with their own eyes.

Article: 7 Things A Person Does That Gets Their Eyes Strained

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When it comes to the eyes, there isn’t much we do that actually helps protect them besides the whole glasses and sunglasses techniques. Even when we’re on our desk, typing away and handling our business, there is the possibility of having eye strains in the process of our work, and that doesn’t benefit the eyes at all.

Thus, here are seven things that you are doing that does cause eye strain so you can avoid it the next time you’re sitting on a desk.

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