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There has always been a constant challenge for more than sixty-years of monitoring as well as improving glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. The reason for this six-decade-long challenge is because glaucoma has been known to be one of the leading causes of blindness on an international level. With the help of various devices that have different sets of measurements as well as developed biosensors help offer more alternatives in resolving this glaucoma issue. 

However, when it comes to continuous intraocular pressure or IOP, these devices have not yet been integrated into the process of monitoring IOP, especially clinically due to the problems they might cause on a technical basis.

With the help of this review study, there has been a rough development of IOP monitoring biosensors for IOP monitoring purposes. With this modern technology, there has been an easier approach to measuring IOP, using functions such as pressure transductors, noninvasive/minimal/invasive measuring approaches, and even understanding the telemetry characteristics of IOP.

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