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Fact: Vaping is Not Safer

When vaping first emerged, it was marketed as a “cleaner” and safer option to get the same buzz as cigarette smoking.  However, this simply isn’t the case. That’s because e-cigarette cartridges are filled with chemicals that research has connected with elevated risks for the same eye diseases that are more probable for smokers.

Sharing the Impact

Sharing the impacts of smoking is definitely not caring.  But when non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke–what is exhaled by the smoker, plus that which is released from the cigarette tip–they also become susceptible to some of the vision and overall health impacts that smokers, themselves, are predisposed to.  Be especially careful to minimize secondhand smoke exposure for infants and children. 

Protect Your Eyes: Another Reason to Quit

Choosing not to smoke is simply choosing not to gamble with your eye health.  While there are other risk factors for eye disease and blindness, smoking is the biggest one you can control.  If you’re reading this as an active smoker, it’s still possible to change course and choose not to elevate your risk for damaging eye health problems.  Committing to quitting a smoking habit will significantly reduce your risks for cataracts and AMD, compared to continuing to smoke. Your eyes and your overall health will reward you for choosing to quit. 

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