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Because we live in a modern age with technologies and a digital era, people tend to easily obtain prescription lenses or glasses. Since this is true, it is also good if not the best idea to make sure your glasses are of high quality as well.

Many physicians recommend a much thinner and high index lens for your glasses, especially for those that have either near or farsightedness. Seeing that most glasses wearers are nearsighted, the lenses should be made thin around the midpoint but also a bit denser around the edges.

Nowadays, most of the lenses that are made seem to possess a trendy style, containing different materials that are perfect for the thin rims and dense edge for the glasses. Some even show the exposed lens while being hung with the remaining frames above. It can also lose some style points when it comes to the glasses as a whole.

How Stronger Are They Compared To Normal Lenses?

The way a lens from glasses work is they refract any means of light and making sure to improve the quality when it passes into the wearer’s eyes. The amount it needs to refract is dependent on how much the eyes lost in terms of its vision, or the prescription the eye doctors prescribe to you when you consult with them.

Note that sometimes glasses can be a temporary thing as there are some ways to improve your vision in a more long term basis. Laser eye surgery is one of those options.

Choices to Choose From

Due to the access of the internet and online stores, it’s much easier to find a nice thin pair of high-end lenses and frames for your eyes, depending on how much and how effectively they can bend the light to see clearly. The lens’ ability to do the task is known as the index of diversion and gives a proportion of the light-speed the light has when it passes through the air and to the lens of the glasses, decreasing its speed once it reaches the lens.

With lenses that can curve the light at a much better degree are more proficient in having a greater index of diversion than the one that curves the light to a lesser degree. So again, the more the refraction of the light in the lenses, the thinner they become so that they are more high-end.

AR Coating Is the Way To Go

Anti-reflective coating, or AR for short, is a type of coating that reflects the light that was originally reflecting in the lens back to the surface, providing a clearer and easier way to see. It also helps when it comes to seeing in the dark, primarily during the night. In fact, these types of lenses are said to return up to 50% of all the light that hits the lens, while most common lenses tend to reflect around 8% only. Apply the AR coating and the lenses reflect up to 99.5% of the light to the eyes.

Where Can I Buy A Pair?

Many online glasses stores should have the option to buy high index lenses and frames, and if not, then head to your local eye doctor and glasses store to see if they can prescribe you a nice pair for you to wear and see the world a little clearer.

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