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Often times, glaucoma is thrown around to say that there is an increased amount are pressure in one’s eyes, which in reality, it’s much more than that. What glaucoma means is really an eye disease that affects the optic nerve of the eyes, and loses the nerves that are needed to process the mind, which results in that eye pressure. If a sufficient amount of those nerves are damaged, then the vision starts to get affected, losing the sight to see at the sides and then the central vision. 

Currently, there is an estimate of over 2,000,000 American who have experience and are still dealing with glaucoma. Many Americans are also unaware that they have the eye disease, to begin with, and it makes sense as it is the second common eye disease in the U.S alone, even being the leading cause to blindness in some people, especially African-Americans.

With the development of glaucoma, there is to consider the various risk that it occurs when it continues to develop in one’s eyes. High eye pressure, aging, one’s family history, and race to even other medical problems can all contribute to the development of glaucoma. It is also something that doesn’t make a person react when it comes to is symptoms, especially when it comes to too much pressure in the eyes. What is more dangerous about glaucoma is that the more it advances in time, the more problems the eyes start to have and affect the person as a whole. 

One way to detect glaucoma is through taking an eye exam with your eye doctor. The eye doctor must take very precise attention to the eyes and how they feel to the person before finding that glaucoma is the reason. There are also surgical locations that have advanced technologies that can detect the lost nerve fibers and analyze a person’s eye so that they can quickly detect glaucoma and stop it from developing further. 

The treatment is mostly consisted of taking various eye medications that lower the pressures in a person’s eyes, as well as having a laser surgery or procedure that drains the eye so it also lowers the pressure it contains before making a new drain afterward. After the procedure is done, the eyes should not have lost further vision than they did before. 

It is also very important to visit your eye doctor every one to two years so that your eyes remain healthy and to avoid glaucoma whenever possible. If you do have glaucoma or have the risk factors to develop them, it is also recommended to check up with your eyes around that same time frame.

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