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Comprehensive Eye Exam

What these types of eye exams do is a more in-depth examination of a person’s eyes. During this exam, there is a range of different tests to see the overall eye health of that person. The exam also includes the medical history of a person and all things of vision and eye-related problems that could be found in one’s eyes. The prescription is among these problems as well and can help in diagnosing an eye problem, especially in its early stages. 

In the end, the comprehensive eye exam is to provide the eye doctor elaborate information about a person’s eyes and to aid in their health if there are any early stage problems. Making sure a person gets such an exam every year is important towards promoting better eye health.

Annual Exams Are Important

A common misconception when it comes to a person’s eyes is that they won’t see or experience the more noticeable vision problems and that an eye exam is not needed. However, this isn’t true as these exams can do more than just determining the prescription of a person’s glasses. It’s more of a physical exam for your eyes, as a person would get a physical exam to see how the body is doing and its current health, the same goes with a person’s eyes. With the eye exam, it evaluates the eyes of a person’s eyes.

Systemic Conditions

Since the eyes are the only organs in the body that can be seen on the outside, eye doctors are the first among many to detect if there are any systemic conditions in the eyes. These types of conditions are mostly to determine the other medical factors of the body, such as high cholesterol or blood pressure and how it affects the eyes. With an eye exam, it can be easier to determine if these other medical conditions are present in the body.

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