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When taking an eye examination, the eye doctor makes sure to perform a series of eye tests to see how well is a person’s vision and eye health. For many, they take their eye exams after realizing there are a few eye or vision problems in their eyes, or if they need a new prescription for their eyeglasses. 

In order to determine what a person’s prescription is, the test that is performed in one’s eyes is called refraction and is one of the first tests during the eye examination. During the exam as well, one can consult with their eye doctor about the factors that are needed to alleviate the vision problems in one’s eyes. Then during the refraction test, the eye doctor will place several lenses to see if you are in need of a prescription to wear glasses.

Eye Charts

The eye charts during an eye exam are mostly for visual acuity and only help to determine if a person needs to wear prescription glasses. What they cannot measure are other vision related problems. It also cannot measure the health of the eye. 

Take into consideration that the words eye exams can be a general take on the eye examination. In reality, the examination is far more complicated. A person should understand the type of eye exam they need in order to determine what is going on in their eyes and to ensure good eye health as well. With that in mind, it is always best to make a yearly appointment to the eye doctor.

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