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Even with all the contacts and laser surgery procedures we have today, eyeglasses are still widely worn and a more favored option than ever before.

Some people are looking for fashionable frames with top brands that are in constant demand. The components used to make frames have been innovated over time with the addition of different metals and recently developed plastics.

If looking for safety glasses, strong plastics are preferred. Hypoallergenic metals serve as good frames if you have skin problems or allergic reactions.

Some frames are specially designed with bendable metal combinations that decrease the chance of breakage. For heightened resistance, spring hinges also make for more protection.

Styles of Frames

As you’ve probably noticed, glasses are more than just devices for visual assistance. They’ve actually developed into fashion pieces that people accommodate into accentuating their outfits. Think of your own personal desires and looks when deciding on a pair.

Famed styles often include “flashy” ensembles to set them apart from other glasses. Colors, material, markings, and rhinestones or gems all are utilized as part of these ensembles.

A more subtle approach to glasses that has grown in attention recently is rimless styles. They make frames less noticeable and primarily include connecting the temples right onto the lenses.

New innovations in lenses

There are a nice variety of lenses to choose from nowadays, with some of the most in-demand ones being:

Aspheric- These lens surface profiles are not portions of a sphere or cylinder, meaning that they produce a more lean look compared to other types. They also get rid of any distorted enlargements of your eyes.

High Index- These lenses are designed to be much thinner and lightweight than standard plastic designs.

Wavefront technology- These lenses are personally formulated using exact calculations of how light moves through an individual’s eyes, producing exemplary sharpness.

Polycarbonate lenses- These are not as heavy or thick as normal eyeglasses. They are built to be stronger and resist drops and strong blows,

Photochromic- These lenses have built-in photosensitivity against UV rays and automatically adjust to the lighting of the environment.

Polarized- These are glare-resistant against reflective, flat surfaces. They protect against tiredness of the eyes.

Anti-reflective- These are coated to defend against light that reflects off of the lenses. These lenses are growing fast in popularity and allow for more comfortable wear, as well as diminished glare.

Various lens coatings- Some lenses are specially built to protect against scratches, UV rays, and lenses built with tints that make them appear like small mirrors.

Lenses for Aging Vision

Presbyopia is the gradual, age-related loss of the eyes’ ability to focus actively on nearby objects. It is very common for people in their early to mid-forties to begin experiencing this farsightedness.

Unfortunately, the development of presbyopia most likely indicates that you’ll no longer be able to wear the lenses you’ve grown used to since lenses with one prescription won’t work well for your eyes anymore.

Luckily there are many multifocal lenses that fix presbyopia. These include:

Bifocals which are constructed with 2 prescriptions, allowing for far and near vision.

Trifocals which are constructed with 3 prescriptions, allowing for different levels of range and quick adaptability.

Progressives which allow an even broader amount of prescriptions and have quick smooth transitions between prescriptions. These are often preferred over bifocals or trifocals.

Variable focus lenses which are a recently developed form of glasses that offer a broader spectrum of sight as well as quick modification of powers.

If you can already view distant locations clearly, then you should probably opt for reading glasses to combat any nearsighted issues affiliated with presbyopia.

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