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Many Americans across the U.S tend to have their eyes suffer from dry eye. Dry eye is a type of eye condition that doesn’t properly produce enough tears into a person’s eyes, making sure that they stay as lubricated and comfortable as possible. There are a few symptoms of dry eye, the common ones being burning or stinging eyes that result in itchiness. The environment is a major factor in dry eyes such as smoke, wind, and even more severe conditions like eye tearing.

Sometimes with these symptoms, wearing glasses or even contact lenses can result in difficulty in the eyes.

Dry eye is also a condition that affects everyone of all ages, but affect more women than men, especially during or after menopause. Sometimes for those that do experience dry eye can also experience Sjogren Syndrome, as well as other medical factors such as arthritis and dry mouth. Even medications can lead to causing dry eye, so take note of that if you take certain medications to alleviate the body.

In terms of treatment options for dry eye, there is the common option of tear therapy. With artificial tear therapy, there are tons of selections to choose from to relieve the dry eye condition and can be used during the day. They are also easily accessible and ready to use upon acquiring them. For the night and bedtime, there are even lubricating ointments that alleviate dry eye. These ointments are used mostly for severe dry eye cases. Sometimes, patients may need to head into the office of an eye doctor to take a procedure to have their tears lubricated once more. This procedure is done to ensure a more consistent means to conserve the natural tears and produces more artificial ones so that the eyes stay as lubricated as possible.

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