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Tips on How to Ease Digital Eye Strain

Considering that the digital age is already upon us, it is very crucial to understand and think about the effects that the computer screen can cause to your eyes. It is best to think of ways to reduce the strain in the eyes and to relax them whenever possible, especially after looking at a digital screen for a long period of time. It is also best to check up with your eye doctor to see how much of an effect the screen time caused your eyes to change their vision as well as understanding ways to prevent them from worsening.

Some tips on how to take breaks from the screen are to simply stop every twenty minutes and to take a quick twenty-second break from the screen before continuing with the task that’s on it. Also, make sure that the screen isn’t too close to the eyes. The best distance is between 20-26 inches away from the screen and the eyes. That way, the eyes don’t strain as often as they do. Lighting can also be reduced as well as the positioning of the screen, for the more light that hits the eyes, the more sensitive and strain they become as they need to focus on all the light that’s hitting them. Adjusting the brightness as well as the overall lighting of the room is a good way to reduce the strain.

One last thing: blink whenever possible!


Digital eye strain can happen to anyone nowadays as everyone has access to a digital screen. It is important to consider taking yearly eye examinations and to consult with your eye-doctor frequently about the time you spend on the digital screen. That way, it is easier to understand and maintain the eyes to a nice and healthy degree.

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