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How They Affect The Eye Muscles

If you were to continuously flex your muscles for roughly 10 hours daily during the entire week, the muscles start to wear down and would not be able to properly function. The very same concept applies to the eyes, for they too are muscles that can be stressfully used and wear down, and for the eyes, it is much worse than any ordinary muscle in the body. The muscles in the eyes are rather thin in their structure and very fragile in their function, for they’re responsible for the ability to see and focus on what’s in front of us. If we applied numerous amounts of pressure into these fragile muscles, it leads to them tire out and get worse in their function, allowing blurred vision and even vision loss to occur. It is best to take breaks often during the day do the eyes don’t strain themselves often.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Besides looking at a digital screen for long periods of time, the more common symptoms are irritation, headaches, watery or even burning eyes. However, it does not affect the eyes only, for it does affect a person’s posture and other muscles in the body. Some of the symptoms to look out for are also back, neck, or shoulder pain as well as fatigue. Sometimes the eyes can lose focus and cause twitching to occur. If this happens continuously, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to fix the problem as fast as possible. Yearly check-ups help as well.

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