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The Cause(s) of Digital Eye Strain

The reason they start developing in a person’s eyes and the brain is due to the way they react when looking up on a computer screen, particularly the letters that are shown in a screen than those from a book or anything printed. With printed materials, they are much easier to focus on as they have a denser black color to the letters as opposed to the computer screen, where they’re less bold in their “print”.

Because of this reason, it makes sense for our eyes to work twice as hard as they normally would if they were focusing on prints. It also shares some similarities to carpal tunnel syndrome as the strain in the eyes get worse the longer a person stares at a computer or digital screen. For the more you look at the screen, the eyes need to continuously refocus on what’s happening in front of them, especially if it requires reading online. The same effect does not work on printed material, as again, they appear denser and take less time focusing.

If you are a person that uses the computer almost on a daily basis, it is best to see an eye doctor at least once every year to make sure your prescription and eyes are up to date with their glasses or vision.

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