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Also known for many by the name computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain is a sort of current eye condition in which the eyes start to feel discomfort after being in the computer screen (or any screen) for long periods of time, and that can be a bad thing in today’s society. The more time a person spends in the digital world, their eyes increase the chances of getting strained as well, following the vast array of symptoms.

For many, the most common symptoms are the usual headaches, shoulder or neck pain, and even blurred vision, resulting in other eye conditions as well. Sometimes astigmatism and farsightedness become a result of the time spent on the computer screen for the person. It can also be worse based on the age factor as well, for overtime the vision slowly loses its strength. With a computer screen, the vision loss can be doubled, so it would be wise to inform your eye doctor the amount of time you spend daily on the computer screen so it’s easier to prevent any future eye problems.

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