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Crystalens:   These lenses are designed to correct the eyes from the cataract impaired vision and restore the vision that was once lost to the patient. However, the results may vary from certain individuals when it comes to Crystalens.

Toric Lenses: Toric Lenses are the type of lenses that eye surgeons commonly use during the cataract surgery to correct the patient’s astigmatism (if there is nay) and to remove cataracts.   

TRULIGN Toric IOLs: These intraocular lenses are designed to not only to remove cataracts from the patient but also to restore and give the patient more depth and a broader range of vision to their eyes, reducing the need for any ocular prescriptions from glasses. They can also correct astigmatism and presbyopia.

Advanced Technology

Thanks to modern technology, there have been many revolutionary ways to a person’s eyes, how to figure out the eye problems, and lastly, how to resolve those issues from further impairing a person’s eyes. With the ORA system, it allows the surgeon to give a more in-depth analysis of the eyes of the patient and to figure out the best procedure possible for those eyes in order to restore and enhance their vision. 

Even if you have done any laser eye surgery or have eye conditions such as astigmatism, the ORA system can provide better security and safety as they always let you know the best outcomes when it comes to restoring your vision, and reducing the outcome of returning for another one in the future.

LenSx Laser Technology: Designed by ALCON, the LenSx Laser provides more of customization of the cataract surgery that is being done. What this means is that a bladeless laser controlled by a computer program will perform and help the surgeon plan out the surgery with more precision, and are the latest in terms of advancements when it comes to cataract surgery. 

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