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The main focus that this study deals with is comparing the biocompatibility as well as any form of subjective symptoms that can be caused by multipurpose solutions of hydrogel contact lenses that are marketed in both Israel & Palestine.


This study involved having a total of fifty habitual soft contact lenses for people to wear. The reason for this was to also have an interventional crossover study to see its effects within the case study. During the case study, the contact lenses wearers were then asked to attend optometry clinics for a minimum of five times. Once they finished their visits, they were then given pairs of hydrogel lenses that were soaked overnight using a solution that would help in the case study with its results.

These solutions used during the case study are of the following:





Each of these four solutions contained different agents for disinfecting purposes as well as non-preserved saline. During these five visits, the patients in the case study were also given a few additional assessments such as ocular redness and corneal staining.


After the case study was done, the results were interesting.

There was a percentage of those with corneal staining that had a significant increase once the lenses were soaked with either PHMB, PAPB, or even Phx solutions, which were increases in percentages ranging from thirty-two to eighty-six percent. While there was an increase in this front, there were a few insignificant increases when it came to PQ+1 Alexidine solutions by about thirty percent. 

Then there were the results of the ocular redness, where they too showed significant increased in areas such as limbal hyperemia once the solutions were used. There was even an increase in bulbar redness as well when clinics used biguanide-based solutions. 

Lastly, the results of this case study showed that there were a few insignificant changes in terms of the wearer’s comfort, dryness, photophobia, and scratchiness when all solutions were used. The only difference in these results was the exclusion of using PHMB based solutions which would’ve shown much more significant changes to the results at large.

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