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Eyes Are The Main Attraction

Every single person enjoys having a little special attention, especially when it comes to the eyes. In fact, people that with larger eyes tend to be more attractive than those with smaller eyes. The main reason for this is partly due to how appealing bigger eyes can be than what most normal eyes look.

However, that doesn’t mean that those with smaller looking eyes can’t obtain bigger eyes. Often times, people tend to believe that surgeries and other remedies for the eye can increase their chances, but it is rather risky and best avoided. Thus, this article is here to present a more healthy alternative to making sure those small eyes become as attractive as they can ever be as well as gain a much healthier lifestyle in between.

Sleep Is Very Important

Being sleep-deprived can lead to smaller eyes as the eyes aren’t given enough rest as it should. Sleep deprivation also leads to darker shades of skin tones around the eyes. There are some remedies to this such as putting tea bags around the eyes to soothe the dark tones and alleviate the stress the eyes can have from not having enough rest. Cucumber and cold spoons are also good alternatives.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Avoiding any means of the UV rays provided by the sunlight is the best means of both eye health and reassuring that appealing big eye look. If there is any exposure to these rays, it can affect your retina massively, resulting in vision loss. The good thing about this is that with today technology and knowledge of our eyes, we can easily defend ourselves with sunglasses that protects up to 100% of UV rays.

Stop Smoking Habits

Smoking isn’t detrimental to the lungs, but it is also detrimental to the eyes. What smoking does is inhibits the accuracy of the vision and creates the dark shades, or circles around the eyes, damaging the skin and even making the eyes appear smaller than they should.

Wear the Right Pair

The way the glasses are designed is that they make sure to present the eyes a bit larger than they should. Though that’s for most normal pairs, having the right pair of glasses should also consider the mass of the eyes so that the frame stays nice and steady while also having a nice color tone and design to boost a sort of fashion statement. With these two thoughts in mind, head out and make sure to own a pair that’s perfect for you!

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