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2018 was the moment that held the standards of entertainment and more. From royal weddings, concerts such as Coachella, and even Lady Gaga proving her worth when she stared in A Star is Born, 2018 was a year filled with amazing moments and more. There is also another thing that became one of the main trends for the theme of wearing glasses, now becoming more than a fashion accessory than something necessary.

Here are our five moments that bring this theme and how these people rocked the styles that their glasses were meant to bring in the first place.

1. James Corden’s Session With Migos

It is no surprise that James Corden would bring such a strong rap artist such as the Migos group during his iconic Carpool Karaoke sessions. Such an episode not only the artist group’s songs such as “Bad and Boujee”, but they also sang classics along with their car ride. Aside from the usual singing fest, the Migos group also decided to change Corden’s wardrobe and giving him a nice spec of round glasses to wear stylishly.

2.  John Oliver and the Emmys

It is apparent that John Oliver carries an iconic style when it comes to the way he dresses, and that is the black glasses he wears whenever he presents himself in his late night talk show “Last Week Tonight”. Of course, there were the laughs and giggles of his backstage interview when he won the Emmy for the best talk show that night.

3. Beyonce and the Grammys

Beyonce not only became the most nominated artist in the Grammy Awards, but the fashion sense is also what intrigues many, as the Queen B herself wore a stunning black dress, oversized hat, and sunglasses that were worn throughout the entire night for the award ceremony. In fact, the glasses she wore became a must-have frame for sunglasses in that year alone.

4.The Oscars

2018 Oscar’s showcased some of Hollywood’s finest in terms of their eyewear as they were worn throughout the ceremony by many before and after. With the female stars wearing their glasses, it became apparent that social media would want to cave in and have the demand for more women to wear their glasses in awards to come due to how elegant the stars wore theirs.

5. Soccer Player and the Royal Wedding

Easily one of the most talked about event in all of 2018, the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was a moment to beholden in terms of the wedding gown, the ceremony, and even the reception afterward. Besides that humdrum of the royal wedding, there was also talk of the once attendee that was none other than David Beckham himself. The reason being for this talk was due to his arrival wearing a nice spec of tortoiseshell eyeglasses that leaves many men wanting a pair of two.

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