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Most of the time, online eye tests are usually a very interactive type of vision test that supposedly measures the visual acuity of a person. Though having an online exam is quite convenient for vision evaluation as well as getting your prescriptions faster, and most importantly, it is as simple to do than in the comfort of your own home.

However, these exams are not performed by individuals, but rather through a computer program of sorts. It is not run by eye health professionals and therefore cannot fully replace an in-person meeting with your eye doctor. 

In reality, these tests lack the type of sufficient information that is needed to fully see the conditions of a person’s eyes and can cause some lack of important information that can help or even save the vision of a person.

The True Evaluation Of An Online Exam

It is important to understand that many online tests do not evaluate the overall health of your eyes. They are more of a visual examination and one that is designed to test the visual acuity of a person as well as refractive error. In some tests, they even test the contrast sensitivity and color blindness.

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