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What’s more, is the accuracy of the tests as they can be very questionable at times. It is simply better to provide the information to your eye doctor and from there perform the eye examination with as much communication between you and the doctor as possible. After all, the right prescriptions are made after a full in-depth analysis of a person’s eye from an eye doctor. 

The American Optometric Associations, or the AOA, brings advice on these rather convenient exams. They advise proceeding with these tests with the utmost caution as they can be misleading for the person taking the examination. In fact, these tests provide a lack of information when it comes to overall eye health and can’t fully determine whether or not you have possible eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, or many others. These online tests also don’t provide information for other common eye conditions such as dry eyes, retinal detachment, and others as well.

Having A Comprehensive Eye Exam

In the eye health department of physical health, many optometrists study and train for many years in order to fully understand the eyes and how to promote its health. They ensure a comprehensive understanding of how to fully evaluate one’s eyes for both health and vision as they are commonly linked. 

With the help of eye exams done by an optometrist, they can fully determine what is wrong with your eye health and vision by detecting other possible effects going in in the body such as high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes, and other more common health diseases in the body. They can detect neurological defects in the body as well.

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