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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses help to provide comfortability and a greater sense of wider depth and vision. If they are used properly and are fit into one’s eyes, they are a far better alternative to corrected one’s vision, but it’s not always for everyone. To have the best results of vision correctness, it is recommended to have lenses that are permeable to rigid gases. There are also toric soft lenses for those have needed a softer touch when the lenses hit the eyes. One last option are hybrid lenses which contain both of the previous options, all to correct the vision and that astigmatism.


Orthokeratology is a type of non-surgical procedure that has to deal with wearing a special type of contact lenses that help in the process of reshaping the cornea irregular shape back to its original state in a gradual period of time. However, it’s not a permanent solution to astigmatism as the lenses must be worn periodically in order for the eyes to retain the improved shape and corrected vision. This procedure is most commonly used for people who have low-moderate degrees of astigmatism.


Laser eye surgery can also help your eyes from astigmatism depending on the severity of it. Custom LASIK’s technology on the matter helps to precisely measure the eyes and the focus of light the eyes adjust to when it hits. A type of laser called a femtosecond laser then creates a “flap” like shape to the cornea, allowing more light to hit and a faster vision recovery rate. After the femtosecond laser process, a second laser called an excimer corrects the more subtle vision impairments in the cornea of the eyes, reshaping it in the process and reducing the severity of farsightedness, nearsightedness, and of course, astigmatism.

Vision Correction

No matter what kind of challenge or problem your vision have, there are options to choose from in order to correct the vision. With the help of an eye doctor, make sure to always keep your eyes in check and to consult with them as frequent as possible to see if astigmatism is a problem in your eyes and how to handle that problem with ease.

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