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Astigmatism is a very common visual factor when it comes to losing vision or having blurred vision, and is a refractive error much like nearsighted and farsight eye problems. Though many tend to believe that it is an eye disease or eye problem, it is an eye condition. What astigmatism does is that it makes the eye unable to focus on the light hitting it properly towards the retina, which processes the light.

Usually, people are born with astigmatism and can be characterized as a curative in the cornea that is rather irregular, thus bending the light differently as opposed to the eyes that don’t have astigmatism. Because of this, the eyes bend the light in a manner that makes the vision distorted or blurred.

Yet do not fret for not all eyes are perfect, and even if there is mild or severe astigmatism in your eyes, it is completely normal and can be fixed.

Causes of Astigmatism

Astigmatism is caused where there is an irregular shaped cornea in a person’s eye, as a normal cornea shape would be more round shaped. With astigmatism, the eyes are more football shaped. Because of this shape alteration, the light that enters the eye becomes slightly bent and makes the vision distorted/blurred. Though it is something a person has at birth, there isn’t a specific reason as to why it’s caused.

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