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  • Allow your child to pick their frames

Your friends most likely have different color and style preferences from your own–same goes for your child.  So if they’re keen on getting a different set of frames from the ones you’d pick for them, go with their choice!  Older children, especially, will appreciate getting frames that look mature enough for their age. After all, glasses are an extension of your child’s style and personality, and they will feel most confident wearing what they believe looks best on them.  

  • Be consistent and thorough with glasses guidelines

At the end of the day, guidelines, goals, and role models won’t work unless they’re used consistently.  It’s up to you to hold your child accountable to expectations for wearing glasses–otherwise, even a great-fitting and stylish pair of glasses might not stay on for long.  It’s even a good idea to ask your child’s teachers, or even their friend’s parents, to make sure they’re meeting the glasses goals.

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