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Have a reluctant young glasses-wearer? As a parent, you know that corrective eyewear will allow your child to experience all the awesome benefits of clear vision–but your child might be less-than-thrilled, or even downright refuse to wear their glasses.  Whether they’re worried about other kids’ reactions to their new glasses, or just find them uncomfortable to wear, here are 

  • Ensure glasses fit excellently

Perhaps your child really likes how their glasses look and how clearly they’re able to see.  But this won’t be enough to keep the glasses on all day if they pinch uncomfortably or just don’t stay in place like they should.  There’s a simple fix to this one–visit your child’s optometrist to adjust the frames and achieve that secure and comfortable fit.

  • Graduate toward all-day wear

Especially if it’s their first pair of glasses, help your child ease into the transition.  Create a timeline for the next few weeks determining how long they need to wear their glasses every day–starting at 30 minutes and adding on a half to full hour every few days.  Don’t hesitate to use small incentives to encourage their progress. 

  • Share examples of inspirational glasses-wearers

If fear of their peers’ reactions is making your child hesitate to wear their glasses, share examples of super cool people (real or fictional) who proudly wear specs.  Not only will this convince your child that glasses (and those who wear them) are awesome, they’ll be able to remind their classmates of this, too.

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