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If you haven’t heard already, Pantone has officially named their Color of the Year, and this one is a very sassy tone of color. That color is known as Living Coral,  a rather nice yet flamboyant hue of pink. In fact, the very Pantone themselves describes the very color and its theme as nothing more than “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

Many have asked as to why such a color was picked in the first place. The answer was simple due to having social media and the digital era that we live in are major key influences towards picking the very color.

The concept that is Color of the Year all dates back to 2000 when Pantone initiated their trend by naming the color cerulean as that year’s color tone/theme, and as the years went by ever since, the colors have gotten bigger, brighter, and more extravagant. Nowadays, the very reason for these colors is nothing more for fierce fashion brands to step into the color scheme and see what they can create with that color.

Who is Pantone?

Pantone was founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert. Originally, Pantone was founded on the concept of using types of color schemes as a means to captivate consumers towards buying certain goods. Because of that innovation in marketing, it grew into a matching system, which is still being used internationally. Today alone, Pantone does most of the marketing work with brands to ensure which are the best colors to use for their products.

How are the colors chosen?

During the year, Pantone and a small group of their workers dedicate themselves towards the best color for the upcoming year. Often time they travel around the world, particularly areas with high fashion sense to see what colors they often use. This also involves movies and social media.

To Pantone, they aim to study the influence of color and the psychology of it, such as how it affects the human mind, emotion, personality, and more

Anything to Wear For This Color?

Looking for the living coral color isn’t really that hard to find, fortunately, as it’s already making their way in clothing, accessories, and more. For many celebrities, they too have donned the color and the art style behind it. Of course, glasses are being a part of the trend as well.

Article: Gold & Silver Shines
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When it comes to harnessing that metallic fever into fashion, sometimes you may need to stop and ask the following question: which style metal does well with what feeling? Gold for warmth? Or silver for that cool breeze?

Warm Sensations

Gold fits best for that sunny and warm atmosphere and vibes you are trying to achieve. Having gold framed styled glasses, with other renditions such as rose gold, add on to that warm embrace and sensation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Another thing is to also embrace the various different styles that compliment the trend itself. Just simply let yourself be immersed with the gold fabrics, material, and glittering look that is just begging to speak volumes of warmness. There is just no overdoing when it comes to these types of colors.

A Golden Look & Glow

The next time you’re out picking your clothes, make sure to bring the darker brown/brown tone colors as many have been doing in the fashion industry and trends. Look for that maximum red-brown color scheme to add onto the golden effect you already have with you.

Make sure to combine with other types of styles like plaid and even animal-like prints that will continue that rich sensation like never before. And the glasses? Gold style glasses are the perfect way to embellish it even further. We recommend a more vintage style look, for the gold in those frames compliment the look and your face. It even adds a modern feel as well!

Silvery Night Styles

The silvery tone and colors aren’t as expressive as the gold ones, but they do provide a sense of a fancy and elegant gaze onto oneself. Due to this reason, many like to go overboard with the silvery tones and covered themselves with said color, making them feel as if they own the night sky!

Can Both Be An Option?

Just because each color is “meant” for a certain season doesn’t mean you can’t always wear them on a regular basis. They can be worn together, bringing a mix blend of warm and cool feelings, furthering your fashion statement by miles. With an array of colors such as these to choose from and more, the possibilities are endless!

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