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Dr. Joseph Cohen

Woodland Hills Optometrist

Contact Lense Fitting

W In our Woodland Hills offices, we implement a complete contact lens fitting just to make sure you get to the contact you’d love to wear for a long time.  

Comprehensive Eye Exam

We would love to have you over to our office in woodland hills to learn more about our services and enjoy your complimentary first-time visit discount of 30%.

Reorder your contacts

Reorder your contact lenses by simply calling our woodland hills office or by writing to us at the bottom of the page in the message section.

TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY YOUR GLASSES With Dr. Cohen, Woodland Hills Optometrist

10. We’re fun
09. Great Costumer Service
08. Flexible hours
07. One year Warranty on frames and lenses

06. Lenses and frames customized to meet your individual needs
05. We only use the highest quality lab
04. We have a huge selection of frames in all price ranges
03. Latest designer fashion frames
02. Knowledgeable multilingual and easy to work with staff
01. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!

What Our Patients in Woodland Hills Say About Us!

Dr. Cohen is AWESOME! The ladies in the office are also AWESOME!
They were able to see me the day I called for a last minute appointment.
Everyone is so friendly and..

Michelean W.

Job Role, Dr. Cohen's Patient

Just wonderful!! Dr. Cohen is so personable, and his care for his patients just shines through. Nida and Sima in the front are sweet, professional and very knowledgeable.

I am so glad that..

Estella C.

Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Cohen's Patient

Dr. Cohen answered all of my questions without me even asking them.

He did a thorough examination on my eyes and gave me a recommendation on how to make my k to him.

Janet M.

Northridge, CA, Dr. Cohen's Patient

Being new to CA I was overwhelmed with the number of eye doctors in my area. Knowing my medical history it was important I found an OD with extensive knowledge..

Marcy R.

Woodland Hills, CA, Dr. Cohen's Patient

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Using the link bellow, you can order your contact lenses at your convenient time and location. Or else, you could give us a call during the business hours and request a reorder of your contact lenses.

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IOP Measurements & Accuracy(2/2)

In order to update clinics and other eye physicians, researches have begun to describe the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using these biosensors and applying to the general eye treatment and care, which too posses a potential challenge. This challenge is...

Optometrist Practices Post COVID-19 (3/3)

8) Many eye examiners and optometrists are to wear safety goggles and face masks during their eye evaluation and examination as they are to be up close with their patients. Patents are also required to wear face masks.  9) Those who have any ocular infections or...

Optometrist Practices Post COVID-19 (2/2)

4) There are many methods introduced that are to decrease the patient’s ability to touch in terms of surfaces. This included leaving the front door open or replacing it with one that opens via motion detection. For payment issues, there is the facilitation of using...

Optometrist Practices Post COVID-19 (1/1)

Due to COVID-19’s fast spread across the country, it has brought many optical practices to make rapid decision making when it comes to overall clinical management. For many, it has sadly shut down their business while for others, it helps for them to begin emergency...

Avoiding Online Eye Exams (3/3)

Can A Virtual Eye Exam Save You Money? Many genuinely believe that online exams can save them both time and money compared to a regular comprehensive eye exam. It is important to understand that virtual exams offer very little when it comes to services than what you...

Avoiding Online Eye Exams (2/2)

What’s more, is the accuracy of the tests as they can be very questionable at times. It is simply better to provide the information to your eye doctor and from there perform the eye examination with as much communication between you and the doctor as possible. After...

Avoiding Online Eye Exams(1/1)

Most of the time, online eye tests are usually a very interactive type of vision test that supposedly measures the visual acuity of a person. Though having an online exam is quite convenient for vision evaluation as well as getting your prescriptions faster, and most...

The Impacts of Dry Eye on Visual Acuity/Contrast Sensitivity (3/3)

There were also a few generalized models that were used several factors in the study. These factors ranged from age, refractive error and cataract status, which were also used for assessment to determine if they associated with VA, contrast sensitivity, or even simple...

The Impacts of Dry Eye on Visual Acuity/Contrast Sensitivity(2/2)

METHODS  During the study, there had been several participants that dealt with dry eye assessment and management. They were mostly used for cross-sectional reasons for the analysis, and standard procedures were later utilized for obtaining possible results of...

The Impacts of Dry Eye on Visual Acuity/Contrast Sensitivity(1/1)

SIGNIFICANCE  The significance of this study is to identify and associate signs of any specific symptoms of dry eye disease that can lead to understanding specific vidual functions deficits that allow for more clinical approaches toward treatment. This study will...